New technologies at NG Logic

Recently we have completed a number of projects in Python/Django for our US customers. Our Django teams are getting bigger and bigger, and we encourage our prospect customers to use this technology for their websites. Also we have started development of Android project and expect growth in this segment.

2012-01-25 [ ... ]

Want a web application at affordable price and tight timeline?

Make it with us! Make it in Django!

Django is a lightweight web framework for rapid application development and deployment. NG Logic recently completed several big projects in Django for global corporations and we may call ourservles experts in this technology. We hire the best of breed polish Python/Django programmers.

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Want something more complex? We also develop for Plone CMS system.

Below there are couple of screenshots from our recent projects.


image001.png image001.png

The application presents current information about the Autodesk company, enables to fill a support request, and, most notably, allows to download and get education serial numbers for majority of Autodesk products. Internally it is iframe Django application connecting to various APIs of the Autodesk internal systems to grab required information and keep track of the serials. This app is available at


image011.png image013.png
This application presents a collection of session videos grouped and filtered in different ways. We used AJAX and other dynamic technologies heavily. It also integrated with Oolaya commercial flash video player, Tweeter, Facebook. Users may add session to favorites, comment and rate each session, download additional materials, view other videos, sponsor list and speaker information. The application may be used both as a Facebook app and stand alone web app. The database of sessions, speakers, sponors etc. is synchronized with Autodesk internal systems. This app is available at


image017.png image019.png

This application is based on the University Virtual. It adds more configuration features for the user interface, and management screens that allow to add, edit and remove all data presented by the application, including sessions, sponsors, videos, and various attributes. It also keeps tracks of user visits and registration date.


For a polish online marketing agency we have prepared a system for online information scraping. It consisted of web scrapers, replicated database system, index based on Lucene, reporting engine and web front end written in Django. We were also responsible for system administration and maintenance and developed an upgrade with new feature.


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